Youth Support Group

Disordered Eating Behaviours

Zoom Group (6 weeks)
April 6 to May 11, 2021
Age 13 – 18 (gender inclusive)
Tuesdays 5 – 7 PM PST

Are you a youth preoccupied with food and/or exercise, body image concerns, overeating/binging, dieting, restricting and/or purging?

Do you feel out of control when it comes to your eating behaviours?

Has the battle become worse with social distancing and isolation protocols?

If so, join us to debrief the challenges you’re experiencing in a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re in a constant battle with your body.

As an eating disorder survivor, I can vividly recall the 24/7 fixations that have the ability to overtake every single thought. Every single moment. Of every single day. It’s exhausting.

Eventually, you may reach a place where you’re too tired to fight, yet too scared to let go. Maybe you’re at that place now. It becomes a push and pull between wanting something different and complete terror that “something different” may mean letting go of control, loosing what you know most, a change in how we see ourselves… how others see us. It’s absolutely petrifying. And it may seem like there is nobody to talk to. Nobody gets it. Even when you know you have supportive people in your life, it’s hard to be completely upfront because it feels impossible for them to understand how difficult this is.

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The purpose of this group is to provide you with a space that feels safe enough to move beyond that fear.

Here you will find understanding, connection, compassion, and hope. You are not alone. We’ve been there. I’ve been there.

In this group, you will have opportunity to share your struggles, your hopes, your successes; to meet others who get it, to hear their stories and offer compassionate relief, and to begin opening up a space to find compassion for yourself. You will begin to learn about your symptoms, in the context of your own experiences; making sense of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, in a way that you understand within your own world. Welcome.

In this group, you will:
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*This is not a treatment group.
There is no pre-requisite to be involved in a treatment program and individuals are welcome to participate at any stage of their recovery journey. Most participants have an interest in seeking or exploring change.

*Please Note
It’s important that participants be at a stabilized level of physical health, as imminent risk of harm to self infringes on Maple Counselling confidentiality agreements. Please see “is everything we talk about confidential” under FAQs for more information.

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For more information or to book your intake email or call 604-385-4021.

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