Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and Wellness

Current Events and Workshops:

Mindful Movement with Horses

Join us in this multidisciplinary approach to healing your body and mind through movement, mindful connection, and the therapeutic presence of nature and horses.  Registered Clinical Counsellor, Jane Whitlaw and Registered Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates Instructor, Gloria Pidor bring you MINDFUL MOVEMENT WITH HORSES, a unique opportunity to optimize your alignment and deeply connect with your authentic self.

Using body engagement, holistic healings, and experiential psychotherapies we will introduce you to evidence-based practices that encourage therapeutic movement, a balancing of the nervous system, emotional and body regulation, neuroplasticity and positive brain change, and the development of transformative skills that may last a lifetime!

Reset your body and mind.  Join us on July 17, 22, or August 27 and offer yourself the opportunity to deeply connect.

Relax. Breathe. Live.  You deserve it.

*Please note:  There is no requirement for previous horse and/or Pilates experience.


3 dates to chose from (or sign up for all 3!): 

July 17   9:30am – 12pm

July 22   7:30 – 9:30pm

August 27 (ages 45+)   9:30am – 12pm