Equine-Partnered Stress Reduction Skills Group for Adults

Equine-Partenered Stress Reduction Skills Group

  • 6-week program
  • Registration is open and on-going
  • Location: South Surrey
  • Facilitated by Jane Whitlaw BA, MEd., RCC

For more information or to schedule your intake, email us using the button below or call us at 604-385-4021.

As humans, we all experience stress… but what happens when it starts to feel like too much? When you notice it controlling some of your behaviours and decision-making; when you catch yourself thinking for hours on end about events that have happened in the past, anticipating situations that may happen in the future, or both?! What do you do?!

In this 6-week program, you will learn tangible, stress-reduction skills that you can apply in a variety of settings. You will be able to practice in connection with others who face similar struggles and build up your confidence in a calm, nature-based environment, all while in the company of horses! 

The unique features of this group will support your nervous system in learning how to regulate; teaching your brain and body how to access a state of calm, and increasing the likelihood that you will integrate what you have learned to your day-to-day life.

Build up your confidence in a calm, nature-based environment.

In this group, you will:
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For more information or to book your intake email janew@maplecounselling.ca or call 604-385-4021.

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