Equine Partnered Growth & Wellness

Equine-Partenered Growth & Wellness Workshop

  • Registration is open and on-going
  • Location: South Surrey
  • $270 + GST
  • Facilitated by Jane Whitlaw BA, MEd., RCC

For more information call 604-385-4021.

Attendance is limited to a small group. REGISTER NOW to reserve your spot!


Join us for an opportunity to experience growth and healing amongst horses!

During this 4-hour group workshop, you will be guided through an equine-partnered psychotherapy and wellness exercise that will provide you with opportunity to experience the power of working alongside equine healers. 

Participants will be welcomed into a private nature-based environment, where we will begin with brief introductions and an opportunity to become connected with the space and our bodies.  Education regarding equine-partnered psychotherapy and wellness, natural horsemanship, and the history of horses will be provided, followed by an introduction to the horse herd and wellness exercise instructions.  According to individual comfort level, participants will be led into the paddocks amongst the horses or gather along the fence line.  Each participant will complete the exercise independently, with the group coming together at the end to share and process their experience using evidence-based psychological theory.  Sharing is not a requirement however may serve to enhance the benefits you experience. 

*Please Note:  Direct contact with the horses is NOT a requirement for participation, with individual comfort levels assessed at the time of registration. No prior horse experience is required.  

Benefits of participation may include:

Workshop Includes:
- Introduction to natural horsemanship, and understanding equine language.
- Opportunity to connect with the horses.
- Introduction to grounding and stress reduction skills.
- Equine-partnered wellness exercise facilitated by a registered clinical counsellor.
- Group and therapeutic processing.
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For more information and/or to register email janew@maplecounselling.ca or call 604-385-4021.

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