Equine-Partnered Self-Compassionate Series

Equine-Partnered Self-Compassionate Series

3 date options:

  • May 28/29 – South Surrey
  • June 25/26 – Richmond
  • July 21/22 – South Surrey

8 hours of equine-partnered therapeutic engagement (a $1760 value!)

Investment: $920

Facilitated by:

  • Jane WhitlawBA, MEd., RCC, EFW-MHP candidate
  • Kristine HoelzleBA, EFW-LP candidate, Psych-K Facilitator

For more information or registration, email us using the button below or call us at 604-385-4021.

Would you ever speak to a friend in crisis the way you speak to yourself?

Most of us wouldn’t dream of it! So why is it so easy for us to be nasty when it comes to judging our own experiences? Why do we judge ourselves at all?

We know we are not being kind. We know that it hurts. And yet we continue. Berating ourselves under the belief that it motivates us? Protects us? Drives us? Prevents us from being selfish?

Perhaps you are becoming tired of the constant criticisms. It is time to do something different but how do you change a pattern that has been occurring for so long? Where do you start?

In this 2-part series, you will have the freedom to explore what it means to be self- compassionate, in the presence of horses. It is an opportunity to begin challenging yourself to offer genuine, loving kindness; to quiet your inner critic.

Along with learning to offer and engage with self-compassion, secondary benefits may include:​

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For more information or to book your intake email janew@maplecounselling.ca or call 604-385-4021.

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