Stress Reduction Skills Group for Teens

Stress Reduction Skills Group for Teens

  • 6-week program
  • Registration is open and on-going
  • Location: South Surrey
  • Facilitated by Jane Whitlaw BA, MEd., RCC

For more information or to schedule your intake, email us using the button below or call us at 604-385-4021.

A new school year has begun, and with a return to the classroom, many teens are noticing an increase in stress, worry, fear of judgement, and pressure to do well. Maybe you were feeling this way even before the return to school and now there is just another layer of challenge.

Life is really hard and it can feel harder if you’re unsure of how to cope with difficult situations or if you feel like nobody understands what you’re going through. This group is here to help.


In this group, you will:
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For more information or to book your intake email or call 604-385-4021.

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